How to prevent your aging parents from loneliness and depression

Loneliness and depression in seniors have an increased rate of physical and mental decline. Additionally their chances of dying earlier increases by 45%. We...
Pear Jalapeno Salsa

Pear Jalapeno Salsa

Pear Jalapeño salsa is delicious. If you like mango salsa, you will love this simple and delicious Pear Jalapeno Salsa.
Avocado / Herb Sandwich IMG_3662

Avocado & Herb Sandwich

Fast and healthy lunch just like my dad, the chef use to make. Here is an Avocado & Herb Sandwich.
Asian Carrots with Ginger

Asian Carrots with Ginger

This recipe, Carrots with Ginger, is a great side dish for any celebration.
Ginkgo Biloba Tree (Photo: Margarita Persico)

Ginkgo Tree, medicinal uses and side effects

What stinks so much? Ginkgo tree has several contemporary uses besides landscape and shade, some say it has medicine and culinary uses, and side...
Limber P1310123_edited-limber


Limber - the Puerto Rican "Italian" ice. The history and How to make limber. Como hacer el Limber Puertorriqueño. El Limber de Puerto Rico...

Uchuva Fruit – Cape Gooseberry

Uchuva Fruit - Cape Gooseberry, a Native American fruit now around the world. Great for salads and nutritious.

Guilt-Free Chocolate Coconut Almond Date Truffles — Pure Joy!

Delicious! Guilt-Free Chocolate Coconut Almond Date Truffles -- Pure Joy!

Chocolate Coconut Date Balls

Chocolate Coconut Date Balls: This guilt-free, gluten-free and "sugar" free dessert was inspired by my husband and my friend Marlene.
Chocolate Almond Date Truffles (Photo: Margarita Persico)

Coconut Date Balls

Coconut Date Balls - This delicious Guilt-free dessert is Gluten Free, Raw Food, Vegetarian, Vegan and meets Paleo diet.
Almond milk (© Margarita Persico)

How to make almond milk

Making almond milk at home is easy and healthier.