7 Tips for Keeping Children Safe


Staying safe and well during the holiday season is easier than you think. For me the three major safety issues are children, fire hazards, and food. Keeping children safe requires a constant watch. Below you will find some safety tips for the Holidays and throughout the year.

Playground (Photo: Flickr - James Thompson's photostream) https://www.flickr.com/photos/jwthompson2/123520861/

Playground (Photo: Flickr – James Thompson‘s photostream)

7 Tips for Keeping Children Safe

Potential risk hazards for kids during the Holidays:

  1. Toys and items that have small parts and small batteries, even the greeting cards that are battery-operated can pose a danger to children since children can swallow.
  2. Never leave children eating alone.
  3. Plastic bags, closets, chest, and trunks with self-locking mechanism.
  4. When visiting relatives and friends beware of the danger of children searching through guest’s bags or grandma’s purse—in either case it can be a Pandora box. Worse they are like a medicine cabinet! (See second movie)
  5. Remember recreational drugs such as marijuana are legal in some places, and they pose a threat to kids. So keep those spikes brownies and other edible marijuana treats away from children.
  6. Also keep an eye on the risk of kids getting their hands-on small nuts such as peanuts; there is a risk of choking.
  7. Keep poisonous plants out of the home. Also, some berries on evergreens and home plant leaves are toxic. (See second movie)

Introduction – Child Safety Inside and Outside the Home

Poisoning Prevention – Child Safety Inside and Outside the Home

ABCs of Safety

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