Silent Forest: Genetically Engineered Forests

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Central American Forest (Photo: / Margarita Persico)


First, we worried about genetically engineered food, but our forests are at risk too. Many industries such as the paper and timber are rushing into genetically modified forests because it is perceived as efficient and profitable.

Genetically engineered is beyond sticking a gene out of an animal and into a plant’s DNA. The risk is that science cannot anticipate the final results says Dr. David Suzuki, an award-winning geneticist, leader in sustainable ecology and authored over 40 books.

“The pesticides can’t be washed off because it’s in every cell of the genetically engineered plant or tree,” says Suzuki in the documentary below.

Over time, it will affect living organisms which come in contact with GE trees.

“GE plants carrying the gene for BT toxins have inadvertently killed nontargeted insects like Monarch butterflies,” says Suzuki.

In a 2004 study Terje Traavik (Professor of Virology at the University of Tromsø, Norway, and a molecular and cellular cancer researcher who has authored more than 220 scientific articles) “found evidence of diseases triggered by an immune reaction to BT toxins,” according to Suzuki.

But in March 2004 AgBioWorld wrote an “Open Letter to Terje Traavik; GM maize less harmful to wildlife; Brazil: The new breadbasket” rebutting Traavik’s claims.

This was a reminder of Silent Spring and DDT when songbirds and eagles started to disappear. BT toxins in trees and corn are leaking into the soil and ecosystem. Suzuki, a UNESCO recipient for science prize, also claims that an increase in allergies and respiratory illnesses can be attributed to BT crops. In the film below, they say that there is very little public discussion about the use of GE.

The film also questions the paper industries’ lack of concern for the environment and why they haven’t looked into alternatives such as hemp instead of converting to GE forest. We need to remember, that everything and everyone could be affected since pollen travels all over contaminating other trees and lives. Also, bear in mind that we are consuming GE food such as corn with terminator genes.

“The terminator gene produces a toxin… Now we are consuming that; that seed that can’t be replanted. What’s happening nutritionally?” says in documentary below Jeremiah Ridenour, CEO Wildwood Natural Foods. “But their knowledge is way ahead of their wisdom here because now we are consuming that product.”

And we are breathing it too. The documentary below about how genetics work is very interesting and educational. It is worth viewing.

Documentary- A Silent Forest. The Growing Threat, Genetically Engineered Trees- Full

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