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The Healthy Dish is a website about Healthy Living, Eating, and Recipes that won’t break your budget. It’s also about Margarita Persico’s daily life around food, ­wherever she is, usually in Massachusetts, Florida, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, New York, and at times further away.

The website carries posts and feature articles about the countless people she encounters during her adventures with food and life. But of outmost importance, it’s about encouraging healthy eating, living and environmental causes. The recipes are International, Healthy, Simple, Green, Most Vegan and all Gluten-Free.

The life of Margarita Persico, The Healthy Dish founder, revolves around her work as a writer, food and volunteering. When Margarita, the Food and Health Content Director, is not interviewing, researching, editing, writing, snooping around, talking to politicos, business people, local citizens, farmers, grocers and chefs, she’s usually writing, volunteering or cooking. And sometimes even exercising–spinning, yoga, hiking. One thing is for sure — she has a lot to write about.

The Healthy Dish stories are not only from Margarita’s kitchen lab, but also from other writers. The blog carries food and product reviews, fun posts as well as tips on health, safety in the kitchen and how to cook wholesome meals on a budget.

The Healthy Dish wants to hear from you! So post comments and send us your recipes, comments and stories.  (See our policy below.)


1) We don’t know the origin, authors or copyright regulations of some of the content submitted to The Healthy Dish by its readers. It is not our intent to infringe on anyone’s copyright. So if it happens, we have done it unknowingly and we will be happy to remove all content infringing on copyright laws. Just contact us, and we will remove it.

2) What is published on this blog are personal experiences and research; we are not recommending any dietary changes, fasting, weight loss diets, lifestyle changes or anything else. The information on this website is just the journey of the authors sharing their culinary, health, research and lifestyle experiences. If you have any concerns, please consult your physician or expert in your field of interest.

The Healthy Dish’s policy

The purpose is not to help others promote their products and services nor to recommend diets for specific health conditions (remember, we are not doctors, but home cooks, so please consult with your healthy care provider if you have any health concerns). All the published materials reveal solely the opinions of the bylined writers.

The Healthy Dish views blog entries and advertising as two separate things. Advertising will always be displayed clearly and separately enough so the reader can differentiate one from the other. Click here for more info on advertising with us.

The website will explicitly state if any of the products, travels or services cited were discounted or provided free by any organization or person. This rule applies to all contributors.

Cheers to good health and happiness!