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San Jose viewed from Costa Rican mountain (Photo: Persico)


It is not an easy path following your heart and dreams. Being a journalist is mine — deadlines are tight and the money even tighter, but the joy of voicing the voiceless and putting on the spotlight issues that otherwise would be silenced is priceless.  I do it because I love the joy of helping others. And with The Healthy Dish I hope to make a difference. Below is a little background on some projects I’ve worked on besides cooking, though the first one closely and dearly related to why I started this site.



I investigated and wrote a series of articles on why diabetes is on the rise in the United States, especially for Latinos.

First, I investigated why one in every two Latinas, according to the Center for Disease Control’s predictions, is estimated to develop diabetes by 2050. The first investigative article the Boston Bay State Banner published in January, “For Latinos, diabetes an emerging health threat,” which was later published in English and Spanish by Health & Family magazine (a publication of The Phoenix Media/Communications Group). I was then exploring this subject for the series for my master’s degree requirement. This series starts with the childhood obesity problem in the United States.

The other articles address topics such as: What populations are at risk? What role diet, sedentary life, smoking, and lifestyle plays. What is being done to help this population at risk? What is the role of the diabetes coaches and educators? I investigated diabetes using public and government database research, as well as by interviewing over thirty doctors, researchers, nutritionists, nurses, social workers, psychologists, community leaders, and diabetics in Boston, Costa Rica and Puerto Rico. Not all the information was used in this series of articles, but it served me as background information in order to better understand the issue.

For the six part series (most stories published) I reported in Massachusetts at MGH and Bromley-Heath projects in Boston, Lawrence, Jamaica Plain, and Chelsea; in Puerto Rico at Ponce and Caguas on the phone; and in San Jose, Costa Rica.

I hope this series will raise awareness about diabetes, predicted to affect one in every three Americans by 2050, and that policies be put in place by the government to control aggressive marketing of junk and fast foods, high carbohydrate, and fat foods especially gear towards children.  (To read articles published so far on this series click below.)



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