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Preparing for the blizzard of 2015, perhaps a ‘historic’ storm, was a slow processed, a little too relaxed for me. I knew I needed to buy supplies — fruits, vegetables, nonperishables such as canned and bottled goods; batteries, and a few other stuff. I also needed to prepare our home, fill containers and bottles with water (I don’t buy bottled water). I revised my ‘emergency preparedness list,’ prepared a menu with simple foods and headed out shopping to Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods Market, both walking distance from home though in opposite directions.

But on the way I had a few distractions.


Jan2014-MPersico-2Visiting the little forest, Hall’s Pond, near home was a temptation I couldn’t resist–being alone, nor frostbite were not deterrent. Photographed in 16 degrees with numb fingers because tomorrow’s fearsome storm with hurricane-force will be a challenge to get there, so before supply shopping I took a walk into the forest, my little urban paradise.

In a rush and with not much time to eat, lunch was a homemade soup, previously prepared and saved in canning jars in the refrigerator and an avocado wrap in a gluten-free tortilla.

Avocado Tortilla, gluten-free (Photo: )

Avocado Tortilla, gluten-free (Photo: )

Avocado wrap


1 Rice Tortilla, gluten-free

1/3 avocado, mashed and spread


Warm tortilla on stove top or toaster oven

Mash 1/3 of an avocado

Two snowmen (Photo: )

Two snowmen (Photo: )


Emergency preparedness — Be hurricane, earthquake, storm prepared

Storm and food story to be continued tomorrow. Stay well. Remember, safety comes first.

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