Since 1985 I’ve been heading to my blender nearly every morning for a breakfast smoothie – sometimes it is a snack, lunch or dinner. Why I drink this? A smoothie is the easiest way to get a good breakfast — it is simple, nourishing, rich in vitamins, antioxidants and it […]

How to build a Smoothie

The autumn brings a variety of fruits to add to our smoothie. Just because the winter is around the “corner” that doesn’t deter me from drinking smoothies after a workout or even for breakfast. I add fruits that are room temperature and water instead of juice. Below is my fall smoothie […]

Autumn Smoothie

When I worked in New York City, I found that drinking a smoothie for breakfast was the quickest way to get out of the house. I had an hour commute from New Jersey to my workplace. I wanted to have a healthy breakfast and not feel hungry. I would make […]

Colorful Breakfast Smoothie