Electrical Fire Hazards

Overloaded Electrical Outlet (Photo: StateFarm)

Overloaded Electrical Outlet (Photo: StateFarm)

Tips for staying safe and well during the Holidays and everyday by preventing electrical fire hazards.

Electrical fires hazards at homes claim the lives of many people every year. Staying safe and well during the holiday season and year round is easier than you think. For me the three major safety issues are children, fire hazards, and Holiday food. Below you will find some safety tips on electrical and fire hazards and two very important movies with useful advise from experts at FEMA and Ireland:

Electrical fire safety movie by FEMA, USA

Electrical fire hazards

  1. Check electrical items, especially those with long cables. Are they securely placed? Are they not posing any risk of fire or someone tripping?
  2. Do not overload your electrical outlets.
  3. Never bundled electrical cords together or run electrical cords under rugs or carpet.

Fire Safety – Child Safety Inside and Outside the Home

Photo Credit: State Farm

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