First Kiss and Pumpkin Pies

Pumpkin Pie Photo: Jason Riedy’s photostream

By Margarita Persico

I was watching Justin Bieber talk about his first kiss. It happened when he was in first grade. He didn’t think girls had the “coodies,” Bieber said.

I remembered my first kissed, also in first grade. It was by Michael (I think was his name) at P.S. 261, Brooklyn, NY (Class 1-1). Michael had a sweet smile, fair skin, and light brown hair. In our class photograph, he dressed preppy, not elite; wore a blue sports jacket with gold embroider emblem on the left side and a red bow tie, not pretentious, though. Silly me. Michael was cute, but I was a seven-year-old furious darling missing two front teeth. I reported Michael’s kiss after warning him that I would tell our teacher (Mrs. Schneider or Snyder). She was in her late 50s. She smiled. The color of her teeth matched her strings of pearls that hung around her neck. She must have thought it was cute. I didn’t. But I loved the pumpkin pie Michael’s mother would bring to our classroom! I never saw Michael again after that first year, but will never forget him thanks to his mother’s pumpkin pie. I wish his mother were around to teach me to make pumpkin pie. My favorite since first grade! Thank you to Michael’s mom!

Pumpkin Pie (Photo: / Margarita Persico)

Pumpkin Pie (Photo: / Margarita Persico)

Below are two movies on how to make single-crust Pumpkin Pies. For those on a gluten free diet, you can get the gluten free piecrust at a supermarket such as Whole Foods Market or make the recipe on the second video.

In the first video, you will learn to make a traditional pie crust, crimp the crust and do the pumpkin filling.

The second video is a vegan, gluten-free version of a pumpkin pie that requires no cooking! Both pies are very easy to make. If too busy to watch the movie now, bookmark this page and come back later. Enjoy!

How to Make Pumpkin Pie by Pottery Barn

Laurie Croft, demonstrates how to make an organic vegan Pumpkin Pie.”



Photo Courtesy Of Jason Riedy’s photostream at Flickr

Laurie Croft

Pottery Barn





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