8 Tips for How to shy away from Holiday Overeating

 Tips for staying safe and well during the Holidays and Everyday

Staying safe and well during the holiday season is easier than you think. For me the three major safety issues are children, fire hazards, and food. Though we can fall prey to many food temptations, you also want to enjoy as much as we can without the guilt. Below you will find some safety and nutrition tips for the Holidays and throughout the year:

GluttonyFood and beverages: Tips for how to shy away from Holiday Overeating

During the holidays, there are many risk and temptations. Overeating is another Holiday risk, and no amount of exercise before overeating will makeup for the extra cookies, let alone the extra cocktails, carbohydrates, and overeating of all types of holiday treats. Below are my tips for staying healthy during this joyful season and any occasion.

  1. Don’t skip a eating. Eat your regular meals: a healthy breakfast and lunch before going to a dinner party.
  2. Stay hydrated all day before the party. Drink clean filtered water and healthy non-sugary beverage. Coffee, soft drinks, and local alcoholic beverages don’t count.
  3. Eat a healthy snack, such as fruit, nuts or vegetable soup and salad before going out to dinner where you don’t know what to expect.
  4. Go Vegan or vegetarian a few times a week. Or FOREVER ;-)
  5. I personally never eat any flour products or dairy products during the holidays and nearly year-round. Even the gluten-free ones are high in carbohydrates, sugars and who knows what else. If the grain food is baked, such as breads, cakes, cookies, lasagna, and other grain base, I stay away from them because they could be sinus congestion. They are for me, and I noticed during the winter many people have allergies, colds, and other respiratory ailments. Dry out food from baking makes it worse for many people, it does for me.
  6. I stay away from any dairy products because they tend also to congest and bring on allergies, sinus congestion and in my case catarrh. I don’t need a runny nose, or worst stuffy one, which in my case usually would lead to sinus infection. No dairy consumption for me—it has worked for me for over two decades, and I’m a happy camper. No more sinus and allergy medications.
  7. One of the food risks is poisoning, so to minimize the risk of food poisoning, do not leave food out on the counter for too long.
  8. Don’t graze on party food. Fill up your plate with all you’re going to eat, make sure it’s healthy, and walk away. Go socialize, distance and distract yourself from the food table and drinks. Go be merry and happy.


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