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Mini Cheesecake (Photo: Margarita Persico)

Food Photography

These days nearly everyone is a food photographer. Food photography is not only for professional photographers and food bloggers. Food photography is also for dieters, bodybuilders, those healing, and culinary aficionados. Most of us have been unofficial food photographers for special occasions, birthdays, weddings, parties or every day, like me. I don’t eat a morsel of food without photographing what I’m about to eat. Yep, I’m not kidding! Well, kind of–the food has to be pretty.

BBQ platter (Photo: Margarita Persico)

BBQ platter (Photo: Margarita Persico)


Photography for keeping memory in check

Food photography is a good way to document and keep track of what we ate. One might be following a diet, preserving our culinary and savory recollections, “saving” our memories, or just maintaining a food diary–like me. Regardless of what your food photography intentions are, if you are taking the time to photograph, might as well take beautiful photos. Right? Here are some tips for taking fantastic photos and wowing your friends and family.

For some, we shoot photos to share with family and friends food pictures of a beautiful dinner at home, at a restaurant or friend’s home. We share via blogs, social media, emails, etc.

Peach Pie (Photo: Margarita Persico)

Peach Pie (Photo: Margarita Persico)

Tips for food photography

Don’t get intimidated by the big cameras, any point & shoot or cell phone will do. It’s not about the camera but the food, light (cloudy days are best for outdoor photography including food photos), and setup (table, props). Keep your food photos simple. Below are a few videos of tips to take better photos.

Phew! You will learn a lot here! Please share your food photography tips and experiences below in the comment area.






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Tips for Stunning Food Photography 

Tips on Photographing Food

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