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Hey there! Thank you for visiting this site! Yes, The Healthy Dish loves hearing from you, though this is my personal food and health journey — from the eyes of a journalist and food photographer (me), and a very curious person (me again :-). This is where I write about my experiences, usually whenever I have free time, many times late at night. This is where I share with family, friends and all those interested in food and what I’m doing with it. As a journalist, I do come across interesting things every day. Sharing on this site is my labor of love to humanity. I don’t get paid for doing it. Not yet. But I do pay for keeping this site up and running. I do like to share this site with contributing writers who will write or express their views on relevant food and health topics or like to share a personal recipe. Remember you can always contribute below each article in the comment area or can contribute an article or your personal cooking movies. To be considered as a guest contributing writer, please read all and follow guidelines below before submitting. By submitting your comments, articles, photos and other materials you are agreeing with guidelines below (only your original work, articles, art and photos can be submitted). I love reading about people’s health and personal journey’s.

Guest Post Guidelines:

  • Submit original content (article, vegan healthy recipe, blog) not previously published.
  • Word Count: under 800 (Content: grammatically correct, edited, with spelling and punctuation checked).
  • Contributors must disclose their full name and the identity of employers and all sources of compensation that could cause a conflict of interest with The Healthy Dish as well any other actual or potential conflicts of interest with The Healthy Dish when submitting their material.
  • A photo of yourself.
  • A photo relevant to the article with complete artist credits. Disclose who took the photograph along with permission and photographer’s link.
  • Write a Meta Description, a summary of the article in under 160 characters. Include keywords.
  • Write a short bio with a link to your site.
  • Contributors who plagiarize betray our pact with our readers, as does anyone who knowingly provides false information or submits altered images for publication without disclosure.
  • Once your article or post is published, you must promote and share with your contacts, colleagues and friends via your email contacts, your social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Stumbleupon, etc.), your website in order for it to stay on Link us with hashtag #thehealthydish. The more you share the better for you, your friends, your network and for
  • If you like to advertise here, you can as long as it meets the mission of the website: ethical, environmental friendly, natural healthy products or service . team reserves the right to accept or decline ads.
  • TheHealthyDish is not interested in freelancers whose goals are SEO driven submissions in order to promote or advertise for a business or service. Submissions accepted now are personal blogs have to be related to our site: preferably food. But healthy lifestyle, the environment, weight management, sustainable farming, food, recipes, relationship, healthy celebrations, etc. will be considered for publication if well written and edited before submission.
  • No embedded marketing links will be accepted, only source links.
  • There is no monetary pay for publishing here. The pay is one (1) link back on the byline to your website (as long as the link is about health, wellness, food, kitchen or education related, and not any questionable site or to promote certain products) or your contact information on the “byline” section. Please no embedded advertisements. Type desired link back on separate line at the bottom of your submission article. Will link back to source of information such as journals, encyclopedia, education, health, bloggers, wellness, food, kitchen or related.
  • All recipes to be consider must be vegan (vegetarian and no artificial ingredients or contain ‘bad’ processed sugars).
  • The Healthy Dish reserves the right to edit, accept or refuse submissions of guest writers, whether solicited or voluntarily submitted.
  • For more information about the site and the website’s policies, click here.
  • Please send your story pitch to
  • The Healthy Dish automatically acquires all copyrights of contributors’ written material sent to the web site, including letters, posts, stories, e-mails, multimedia and all other written content. If you’d like to publish your story here and keep your copyrights, we would be happy to do it if you send us an authorization in written to publish your material making that clear.

Notes for guest post guidelines:

This guideline is subject to changes — check periodically for updates. If you do not get a response, reread guidelines above and resubmit following all guidelines.

About this website and policy click here.

Thank you!

© Noticed: I am more than flattered—I am thrilled when someone shares my links or information found here. But the information that you find here takes me much time and effort to research, and the recipes take me weeks–sometimes months or even years to formulate. With this in mind since all material on this website is copyrighted to Margarita Persico and, unless otherwise stated. If you would like to copy one (1) paragraph, you may, but please link back and credit the author. If you like to use a photograph, information or idea derived from here, I’d be flattered, but you need to ask for permission first. And always credit the author: Margarita Persico, and provide a link back to this website: Thank you for being fair and sharing the love and passion for delicious and healthy living.

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