Happy International Women’s Day 1


Happy International Women’s Day to all the wonderful and fabulous women around the world! They, we, have the emotional strength of steel! We have no fear of change! We have a gigantic heart in spite of inopportune times. No storm is big enough to pull us down. We never lose faith; we breathe freedom with smile and kindness. We build bridges de peace. Give equal love for all their children and aspire education for all. Yes, that’s to you–every single lady! You are the daughters, sisters, mothers, grandmothers, aunties, nieces and in-laws. Cheers to every single one of you – aside from having a career, or being solely in the most important job: caring for a family, neighborhood, a village, all of most importance for our nation, the World, and the universe. Congratulations to every man who has a special lady in their lives! Happy International Woman’s Day, today and every day!

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International Women’s Day Doodle 216


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One thought on “Happy International Women’s Day

  • Michael Filaseta

    I love how you find all these special days.This is a great one, and I have sent it to all the special women I know…which is all the women I know! I hope you enjoy your spceial say today also. Bravo!