How to open a Pomegranate in under 4 minutes. Enjoy Persimmon and Pomegranate for Dessert, snack or breakfast.

Persimmon and Pomegranate

Scientist reveals the threats of xenoestrogens on the Potomac River with intersex fish and how this hormone disruptor is to blame for this and other health problems such as thyroid dysfunction. Is our food supply threatened and other questions answered are in this documentary.

Xenoestrogens, why we should be concerned

Pear Jalapeno Salsa 1
Pear Jalapeño salsa is delicious. If you like mango salsa, you will love this simple and delicious Pear Jalapeno Salsa.

Pear Jalapeno Salsa

What to expect as a father -- smart, funny, tough, witty, love and fun -- a movie description about What's It Like Being a Dad.

What’s It Like Being a Dad?

Astragalus and Bay leaves
Astragalus root, health benefits and side effects. Cold and flu season is approaching. This is one of my helpers for decades during this season and perhaps one of the few reasons I don't get sick that often. I add this herb to my soups, stews and beans.


Food and your Child's Behavior: Can food alter how your child behaves throughout the day? Is a question experts in child behavior and diet have answered.

Food and your Child’s Behavior