Pear Jalapeno Salsa 1

Pear Jalapeno Salsa

By Luz Mireya Roman Rivera

My husband Dan and I are fans of the store bought mango salsa. We first had a taste of the mango salsa at a friend’s BBQ. Recently, our Ukrainian neighbor shared with us pears from his pear tree, and my first thought was: “Why not make pear jalapeno salsa?” The pears are organic, none sprayed. A few did have worms. Those I threw out.

Although I wanted to make the salsa at the moment, I had to wait a week to buy the rest of the ingredients. Lucky for me some of the pears didn’t go bad before I could make the salsa. I did not want to wait anymore, and whatever I had available in my fridge I chopped: onion, green pepper, and tomatoes. The rest of the ingredients followed, and I am glad the pear mix waited, as it turned sweeter and juicy with time (until I went shopping). We like a chunky salsa, but it was a bit too dry until I squeezed a very ripe tomato, giving the salsa enough liquid to mix well the ground clove. Dan bought rice chips with sea salt and flax seeds. On Friday night, I served the salsa with a homemade Mexican meal we had been craving. We have not found a Mexican restaurant in Rochester, one authentic enough, like the one we used to visit in Chicago.

“Wow, I feel like I am in Chicago!” my husband exclaimed.

Apparently I did very well. Mission Accomplished!

We still have some salsa left. The recipe yielded 10 cups, which we shared most of it with our new friends!

Pear Jalapeno Salsa


  •      6 pears, ripe
  •      1 green bell pepper
  •      1 red bell pepper
  •      ½ jalapeno, remove seeds. Be careful not to touch your eyes; your fingers might still have the hot spice
  •      ½ onion, large yellow
  •      ½ cup cilantro chopped or to taste
  •      5 tomatoes heirloom, use the softest and ripest one to squeeze out the juice
  •      ½ teaspoon lemon juice
  •      ½ teaspoon organic apple cider vinegar
  •      Pinch of clove, the spice
  •      Pinch of sea salt


Finely diced, chopped, so you have all the ingredients, flavors, in a single chip.

You can leave this salsa in the fridge for three days — the taste is divine.

Writer’s Bio: Luz is a Co-Founder of Remember Me Global Initiatives (RMGI), a nonprofit organization helping local heroes help their own communities.

Currently, she freelances for non-profit organizations on a part time basis. Visit to learn more about Luz and RMGI!


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