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Oranges (Photo: / Margarita Persico)

Last summer I plunged on a mostly raw vegan diet. Then for the last eight weeks I’ve been eating nearly 100% raw: salads, herbs from land and sea, nut milks and every veggie I’ve gotten my hands. So far I’ve lost 16% of my weight since August. One draw back has been that I’ve also lost my cravings for sweets! I’ve had an affair with sweets most of my life! I guess is not a bad thing for a girl from NYC who grew up on Hershey’s Good & Plenty, candy buttons on paper, jelly beans and cakes. Though I gave up sugar over two decades ago, my sweet cravings were transferred to fruits. Tons of fruits! Now green juices are responsible for not craving any sweets. Bummer! Yep, it took a lot of will power. (See green juice recipe check below). The fun part of eating like this is that besides beautiful and tasty dishes, I lost a lot of weight. Colorful salads are not dull; I think even a dog would want to mull over bowl of greens. And they are carnivorous! Now I crave for the greens and sprouts, but it wasn’t always like this. This is besides the fact that I’ve slim down without going to the gym, and now feel more energetic I perhaps can walk a marathon!

Vegan Raw Meals in Photographs

Lunch-3-30-14-MargaritaSunday Lunch at Hippocrates_Health_Institute.


Raw meal avocado day (Photo: / Margarita Persico)

The dish above is prepared on a base of mix baby green, sprouts (sunflower, clover, broccoli, radishes, onions and red beet sprouts), cucumber, micro greens, dulse seaweeds, red cabbage pickles, salad dressing and avocados. The yellow peppers are my “dessert”! Yes, peppers are all the sweet I get daily, and they are rich in vitamin C. Peppers, Chef Ken Blue at the Hippocrates Health Institute says curb sweet cravings for many! It works for me, which is why I look forward to having my peppers and green juices.


Raw Vegan Tacos (Photo: / Margarita Persico)

The above salad is simple. I put together this dish by adding sprouts, greens, vegetables available, herbs (cilantro), red cabbage pickle (homemade sauerkraut — in this case Hippocrates Health Institute sauerkraut), nuts with Mexican spices inside the large lettuce (‘taco’). This is a fun and elegant dish. My husband’s favorite!


Boca Raton, FL (Photo: / Margarita Persico)

I spend six days a week at Hippocrates Health Institute taking classes, internships, relaxing very little, after all I’m working on the Health Educator Program and they keep us very busy. But every Saturday or Sunday is play day. A few weeks ago I went to Boca Raton for lunch and explored the beautiful town and beach. Once home of the famous Marley, as in Marley & Me the true story movie with Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson. Another week was a hike and dinner out, though many many times is downtown strolls, movie nights, listening to music at a town square, numerous concerts at local civic centers or just people watching.

Nature Watching and more vegan raw meals

A Saturday afternoon at Wakodahatchee wildlife reserve, part of Palm Beach County Water Utilities Department. Wakodahatchee is a beautiful bird and wildlife sanctuary.


(Photo: / Margarita Persico)

“Over 140 species of birds have been spotted at the Wakodahatchee Wetlands.”


Raw Vegan Dinner (Photo: / Margarita Persico)

Raw and live food diet is very simple and easy to prepare. Since the food are the color of the rainbow, many nutrients — vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients — are present in addition to enzymes since food is not heated over 118 degree fahrenheit.


I always like having flowers at home. Flowers bring joy to our surroundings. For me they are an expression of love and joy! Plus having plants at home clean the air.


Raw Vegan Pizza Dinner (Photo: / Margarita Persico)

Sometimes raw food can be fancy. Once in a while, about every three weeks Ken Blue, the executive chef at Hippocrates, makes us a wonderful raw pizza dish like the one above.


Risotto, string beans, beet salad (Photo: / Margarita Persico)

I eat 20 percent cook, which means every once in a while at home or out for dinner with friends I eat cook food. The dish above I prepared with farmers market vegetables. Recipe for: risotto cakesbeet salad and string beans.


Mexican raw vegan meal (Photo: / Margarita Persico)

This is about a 20 – 80 % (cook – raw) dinner at Hippocrates. Mexican cooked red beans chili on a collard green wrap with micro-greens, flax chips, salad, guacamole, and other vegetables. For my recipe for Aduki Bean Chili, click here.


Green juice (Photo: / Margarita Persico)

My husband makes wheatgrass and green juices every day. See above photo. Breakfast are green every day. Green juices not to be confused with green smoothies — they are not the same. The ingredient for the juices per person are:

Green juice Recipe

  • 3 organic celery sticks
  • 1 organic cucumber
  • 1 small bunch of sunflower and pea sprouts
  • organic garlic clove and organic ginger (optional)

Wash well all ingredients, cut into smaller pieces that will fit into your juicer, juice and drink within 15 minutes of making.




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