World’s toughest job

Looking for work? Here is the world’s toughest job.

“Unlimited hours. No breaks. The most important job is also the world’s toughest job.” Check out this video for more information.

World’s toughest job

I hope you watched the movie above. I must say that it was too gender driven. They got it right and also got it wrong. The “director of operations” for this particular job is also the most rewarding job for both genders. Men are also as qualified for this role. Check out the movie, if you haven’t seen it.

Cheers to all the unsung heroes! I had two in my life, my mom and dad, and they both cared for me, nurtured and both made delicious meals. As you can see on this website, my love for food had a start with my parents, especially my dad who made the most amazing meals including salads and treats. It didn’t matter how tired they were; we came first.

A toast to all Fathers and Mothers who are doing the most important job. They are Directors of Operations, Chief Operating Officers, Chief Executive Officers and Chief Creative Officers at home! The are the unsung heroes of our lives. Along with parents are our educators, the teachers. I had great ones too. Recently one past away. He continued educating way past his time. He was my Spanish literature teacher in Puerto Rico. A few days ago I wrote a tribute to him, which published in a local newspaper in his hometown. Below is the link, though in Spanish.

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